Defining Marketing Advocacy

Marketing Advocacy

Defining Marketing Advocacy

Marketing advocacy has turned out to be an essential aspect that translates and shapes a particular part of an organization’s marketing strategies. It is as simple as getting people to talk about your brand and organizations go out of their way to promote the same. But is that all that lies for marketing advocacy or is there more? Well, there is more and it is critical that you learn right from the beginning. By doing so, you will get a comprehensive view of the matter and can furnish these strategies for your organization. Hence, here’s a brief take on marketing advocacy.

1. The Introduction

Marketing advocacy stands to be a particular form of marketing that emphasizes on existing customers by promoting them to talk about the company’s products and services. Having people speak about a brand or a product is an excellent way to boost an organization’s reputation and provides scope to increase its customer base. Since around 80% of shoppers conduct some form of research on the internet, getting them to talk about the same will leave an everlasting impact.


2. Is it Effective?

One of the first questions that pop up on anyone’s mind about marketing advocacy is the fact that whether or not it is useful. Through research and critical findings, it is clear that individuals prefer to opt for products or brands that are recommended by their family or close friends. This method of approach comes through trust or belief that a close friend or a family member is the best source to get a complete review of a product. So by pushing forward the need for marketing advocacy, companies will move ahead to benefit.

3. Marketing Advocacy Strategies

There are simple and effective strategies that could help your company to encourage marketing advocacy and improve business. Some of these strategies are as follows.

a. The Experience

The Experience

In order to promote marketing advocacy, an individual should receive the right kind of experience. The type of transaction that occurs between you and the customer needs to be an enriching one and should create an impact in the mind of the individual. Once that happens, they will be happy about the same, and your brand might come up during specific conversations, detailing the nature of the experience.

b. Brand Narrative

If your company has a strong brand narrative, then it might be hard for an individual to forget all about your brand. Moving further to include them in the narrative is another tactic that could help you reap the right kind of benefits. This will create an impact that will be remembered for a long time. So bring your marketing team together and formulate practical steps for marketing advocacy.


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