GenerationEngage, a nonpartisan not-for-profit, empowers young adults – especially the half who have not attended a four-year university – with the access and resources they need to become active citizens and engaged participants in their communities.

Why Support GenerationEngage?

Your support helps GenerationEngage:
1) Invest directly in young leaders at the local level, where that investment will have the greatest impact;
2) Use innovative technology to make it cost-effective and efficient for young people and politicians to communicate in the places young people already hang out;
3) Promote long-term political engagement through civil learning, civic living, and volunteerism;
4) Make politics fun and social for young Americans.

For young people, GenGage provides access and a road map to the political process; for politicians and opinion-makers, we provide access to an otherwise marginalized demographic. Our online VideoCast Center, fueled by our Google Grant, amplifies the voice of all participants in our democracy.

To build on our impact to date, we need your support. Here’s what your fully tax-deductible contribution does:

$5 buys video camera tape to record our interactive conversations between civic leaders and GenGage members.

$50 buys pizza for iChat forums and small-group meetings of GenGage members that make politics fun and social for young people.

$500 supports strategic Engagement Partnerships that provide our members with volunteer and voter registration opportunities.

$5,000 helps us improve our website to make it a dynamic, interactive platform for democracy.

$50,000 underwrites the approximate annual salary of a GenGage social entrepreneur who connects local youth to the political process.