Mission Statement

GenerationEngage is premised on the belief that young people, especially those without the benefit of a four-year college experience, suffer not from a lack of interest, but rather from a lack of access – access to candidates, access to information, and access to meaningful conversations about their future. Students at large universities enjoy numerous advantages – school infrastructure, technological access, classroom space, funding, and alumni networks – that connect them with the political process. It is unsurprising, therefore, that non-college youth are twice as likely not to vote as their student counterparts. It is this disparity that GenerationEngage seeks to address.

Generation Engage:

Is a sustained effort, operating independently of election cycles. GenerationEngage broadens the political debate and promotes civic engagement beyond the voting booth;

Invests in young leaders at the local level. GenerationEngage employs local standouts to organize and lead our grassroots outreach. We invest in young people who know their communities and whose communities know them;

Connects local activism with the national debate. Organized at the grassroots level, our members are connected to a national network whose broader political influence strengthens the collective voice of each and every member